MS ReadaThon OCT 10th - Nov 10th 2014 MS ReadaThon OCT 10th - Nov 10th 2014

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What is MS?

MS Videos

To learn a little more about MS lots of our friends have taken part in videos about their experiences. Click play now!

Meet Kerry Manning from Clare Hall, Dublin. Her dad has had MS since she was born. Get an insight into Kerry's life and see what she thinks about having a dad with MS. 

My Mum Has MS

Meet Myelin and Friends to learn more about MS               

In 2011 and 2012 The O'Regan family from Clonmel Co. Tipperary helped us talk about MS. Abigail's mum has MS. 

Living With MS

Living with MS

Meet some of our good friends as they talk about life with MS. 

Anne-Marie | Gareth  | Emma  |  Tony  |  Naomi