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MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis which means ‘many scars’ MS affects the brain and spinal cord In MS the body attacks myelin, a substance which protects nerves Damaged nerves prevent messages from travelling around the body properly Symptoms are different for every person with MS More than twice as many women as men have MS Common symptoms include fatigue and weakness in the arms and legs MS is usually diagnosed between the ages of 25-31 MS is more common in countries with wetter and colder climates Common symptoms include vision problems, pain, problems going to the loo Most people with MS have relapses - when symptoms get worse There is no cure for MS but some treatments can help slow down progression Common symptoms include burning and tingling, memory and balance Approximately 8,000 people have MS in Ireland

What is MS?

MS Videos

To learn a little more about MS lots of our friends have taken part in videos about their experiences. Click play now!

Meet Kerry Manning from Clare Hall, Dublin. Her dad has had MS since she was born. get an insight into Kerry's life and see what she thinks about having a dad with MS. 

My Mum Has MS

Meet Myelin and Friends to learn more about MS               

In 2011 and 2012 The O'Regan family from Clonmel Co. Tipperary helped us talk about MS. Abigail's mum has MS. 

Living With MS


               Anne-Marie                     Gareth                             Emma                              Tony                                Naomi

Meet some of our good friends as they talk about life with MS.