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Gangsta Granny

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It is about a granny that wants her grandson to think she is cool so tricks him to thinking that she is a gangsta . She then takes him to steal the crown jewels
Great book. Really recommend this book as its very funny.
It was an interesting and funny book. My favourite part was when they tried to steal the Crown Jewels. I would not like to become a gangster!
This is a story about a boy Ben and his relationship with his Granny,

At the start he thinks she is boring and he does not like spending time with her or at ther house. But he learns that she was she was once an international jewel thief and that all her life, she has been plotting to steal the Crown Jewels, and now she needs Ben’s help to do it.

The books takes you through all of the things they do together to help her achieve her dream. There are some twists and turns along the way.

I would recommend this book for children aged 7 and upwards.
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Stuck at home with his Strictly loving parents Ben thinks his Granny is the usual, boring, cabbage-loving, regular type.
But when his parents go to watch Strictly live and he is dumped at his Granny's to be baby-sitted he discovers his Granny's daring and dangerous hobby of robbing expensive jewels, diamonds, and riches he winds up in a world of excitement.
An exciting story.
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