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The Twits

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I really enjoyed reading this book I will defiantly read it again .
My favourite characters are the monkeys. They are very funny
and cheeky.
This book is about Mr. and Mrs. Twit. They are cruel, nasty and disgusting. This book is set in the Twits home. It is hilariously funny and also revolting! It is about Mrs. and Mr. Twit always fighting. I would hugely recommend it to you. I really liked it because it is well written and it made me laugh out loud multiple times! Show more Show less
This book is so funny
I read as if I was in the story
Very funny book highly recommend. 10/10
i liked it because in the the twits shrink and are never seen again
A wonderfully funny book to begin my Readathon from my favourite childhood author. I love this line “if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” Show more Show less
2 mean people who get taught a lesson by a clever bird. The book is funny, well written and I really enjoyed it. I even dressed as Mr Twit for World book day.

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