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diary of a wimpy kid

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I loved this book
it was very fun from age 7 and up
The book is about a boys life in school. Greg is the main character .It is kind of about in school.He wants to be in the school band so he can go to a Halloween party.It is funny and i recommend it.
This book is really good it’s a good story
This was a great book really funny and nice to learn about a normal kid(not so normal)
I realy liked it it was very funny
I thought this book was very good. At the start it was good but near the end it was more exciting and funnier. Greg the main character didn't want to write the journal but he did in the end. His best freinds name is Rowley. Rowleys dad doesn't like Greg. Show more Show less
this book is nice and long suitable for 8 year olds i would recommend this for your child as well but he or she would have to be at least 7 8 or 9 years old

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