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Aisling Gallagher

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

My Story

In February 2012 I  moved house. I was single at the time so there was lots of lifting and carrying and even dismantling and reassembling a 10 foot trampoline alone. 
A few days later I had pins and needles on one side of my body which was later (mis)diagnosed as a back injury and eased although never fully went away.

In August of that year I was driving home from a wedding when I got double  vision. GP visit showed I was pretty much blind in one eye. I could only see shapes and shadows. No colour or light. 
I was sent to the eye clinic and they called a neurologist who ordered an MRI. While waiting for the results I turned 30, my sight came back and I went back to work. 
On December 15th 2012 I was diagnosed with MS. 
I started on a daily injection but had three relapses that year, one of which meant I couldn't lift my right arm. I recovered but again, never completely and I still need to prop my arm with a pillow when I get tired. 
We finally found a treatment that works. It was extreme and difficult. Some side effects included shingles and cellulitis in my foot. I still have breakouts of hives 3 years later caused by an initial reaction to the meds. My risk of cancer has increased and I have to have monthly blood tests for at least five years. 
BUT it worked!!!! Since the first round in July 2017 I have had no relapses and no new brain or spinal lesions. 
MS Ireland have helped me hugely. When I was first diagnosed they gave me information and met up with me to just chat and make sure I was ok. 
When covid hit I used their support services to get more information about how my treatment might increase my risks and whether or not to shelter. 
I joined a Participant forum where we meet fortnightly and give feedback on how MS Ireland can develop their online supports. 
From there I joined a Participant forum about parenting with MS (from the perspective of a person who chose not to have more children as a result of my diagnosis). 
I participate in weekly yoga classes for MS online. And I also get lots of information from them about other online supports that might be of use such as the online classes starting next week with the HSE to help people with chronic illness "live well".

For those who are less able than I'm fortunate to be, they offer respite and physio plus countless other services that I'm fortunate enough not to even be aware of. 

As a bookworm I was thrilled to see this year's readathon is open to adults. 
I can't run marathons and I'm too chicken to sky dive or bungee jump. But reading is my time to shine!!!

If you can donate at all please do. I know times are hard for many so if you can't donate you can still help by sharing the page or even just send some positive vibes in my direction or book recommendations. All are gratefully received!

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to getting reading! 

My Books Coming Soon

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alicia Menton

Best of luck with the readathon💪👏


Karen Boylan

Well done!


Shannon Bergin


Seamus O Gallachoir

Well done. Keep safe.


Michael Gallagher

We're all very proud of you for being so strong through it all, I'm sure MS Ireland appreciate your feedback on their services with the way you think. x I highly recommend the Where's Wally? collection.


Kathleen & Brian

Lovely idea Aisling.


Nicola Brady

Well done Aisling for sharing your story! I hope you come across some awesome books on your readathon! 🥰


Hubert Cooke

Well Done Ais, you're an amazing person and now is your time to shine!


Fiona And Larry

Well done Aisling. Hope you enjoy the books x


Gemma Gallagher

Your time to shine alright! Apart from your light up skirt at Christmas 🎄✨ Thanks for sharing your story. A great fundraiser for a great charity. Enjoy the reading, love ya 🥰

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