Learning foreign languages can be a fun and exciting challenge!



Languages Connect promotes the many advantages of learning foreign languages to students of all ages – from making new friends, learning about new cultures and places and more interesting job opportunities.

Knowing a foreign language opens your mind to the wider world. Right now in Ireland, foreign languages skills are more important than ever, especially with Brexit on the horizon – we need to keep connecting with new and exciting global opportunities.

Do you fancy taking on this challenge? Want to be in with a chance to win one of two extra iPads, very kindly sponsored by Languages Connect?

Ja, Oui, Sí, Tak, Taip, Sim, Áno, Da, Nuhun, Ano, Nai, Hai………………….whatever language you say it in….

Well, all you have to do is read over half of your books in a foreign language (not Irish or English) and raise a minimum of €80.00.

Find out more about what Languages Connect do at www.languagesconnect.ie or follow them on Instagram @languagesconnect


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