Return Your School’s Fundraising

For your students to be included for entry into the draw for the iPads and wireless headphones, funds raised must reach us by the 13th Dec. Returns reaching us after this date won’t be entered into the draw but participants will still receive their certificates and reading rewards in February.

The Readathon co-ordinator of each registered school will be sent out a returns pack the week beginning 11th November. Inside you should find:

– Pre filled bank giros to use if you are lodging your schools’ donations to our account
– A spare blank collating form, feel free to photocopy if needed
– A freepost return envelope

Each participating teacher should ask their class to return sponsorship cards and any funds raised back to them. Teachers then complete the collating form – fill out each participating student’s name, the amount they raised and the number of books read. If any of your students have set up an online fundraising page simply make a note of the link beside their name on the collating form.

You can also complete the collating form online in the teacher’s section.

Sponsorship cards do not need to be sent back to us.

Funds can be returned to us in a number of ways
– By lodging the funds directly into our account using the giros
– Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Draft can be posted back to us in the enclosed pre-paid envelope (we recommend that you don’t send cash in the post)
– Electronic Funds Transfer – please email and we’ll send you our BIC & IBAN

It would help us enormously if all class forms and cheques/postal orders from the school could be returned together in the pre-paid envelope.

P.S. Don’t forget that the school can choose to keep 10% of all funds raised. If you intend to keep this – simply hang on to the 10% and make a note of it on the collating forms before sending them back to us.