What is MS?

– The brain, spinal cord and nerves all work together to send messages around the body allowing you to do all things you want, such as kick a ball, sing a song, daydream etc In someone with MS the brain, spinal cord and nerves become damaged and the messages don’t always get delivered properly. If you think of your nerves like the cable on your kettle. If the black plastic becomes damaged, the wires underneath can be seen and this can be dangerous.

– MS affects people in different ways. Some people have problems walking, seeing things, remembering things properly, going to the toilet or feeling really tired a lot of the time.

– Most people are not very badly affected by MS and some people you wouldn’t even know had MS. However, some people can be affected badly and need lots of help to live their life to the full.

– MS not only affects your body and mind, it can also affect lots of daily activities. Shopping, working, making dinner, playing in the garden or going out with friends can sometimes be more difficult for people with MS.

– When someone gets MS in a family it can sometimes changes things. Maybe children need to help around the house more, maybe the mammy will read a book with her children instead of playing outside or maybe the daddy will cook the dinner more because he doesn’t work as much. Every family finds different ways to manage MS.

– There is no cure for MS. Some medications can help and many people with MS use exercise, a balanced diet and alternative therapies such as reflexology, to help them feel better.

– No one knows why someone gets MS. Women get it three times more than men and people who live in hotter countries don’t get it as much as people who love in cool countries.

– MS Ireland helps all people and families living with MS. Our Regional Community Workers all over the country visit people and answer any questions and talk through any concerns or fears the person or family have