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Embark on an epic adventure this November! The MS Readathon inspires children to read as much as they can, all for an incredible cause. The rules are simple. Read whatever you like, as much as you can, in November. This year’s MS Readathon will be a magical quest, and the adventure kicks off on November 1st and wraps up on November 30th.

Children can register with their school (teachers, you can register your class) or individually. Best of all, by joining our quest, not only will you awaken a love of reading, you will also be helping make a difference to the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis.

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While we all appreciate a classic, we also know that children today want a modern approach (as do their time-poor parents). So, to make the MS Readathon more fun than ever before, we’ve built a fun, interactive website that lets kids write book reviews and rate their favourite reads. Fundraising has never been more fun. Kids love the MS Readathon and it’s never been easier or more exciting to take part.


Funds raised from the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services for people living with MS and their families. Our Information Line is often the first point of contact for people newly diagnosed with MS. Here they can talk through their diagnosis with a trained professional who will then direct them on to one of our wonderful regional workers, who in turn will arrange physio sessions, meet-ups, newly diagnosed weekends, young persons meet-ups and much, much more. Without your participation in the Readathon we wouldn’t be able to provide this.

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