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Our top tips to help you conquer fundraising!

Conquer Fundraising!

We’re putting the fun into fundraising, making it easy for parents to track their child's tally and celebrate every win.

Each child can earn Badges for the goals they achieve, plus there are loads of other fundraising rewards – you can check them out here! The best way to kick off fundraising is to make a donation to your child's page! This will inspire your family and friends to also donate to your child’s page. Once you have donated, don’t forget to share it on social media.

Your fundraising quest will be easier than you think!


1. Ask your family!

Ask your parents and grandparents to make a donation to your page. This is the best way to get started!

2. Share on Social Media

Ask your parents if they have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile - if they do, ask them to share a link to your fundraising page with all their friends to increase your donations!

3. Remind People!

Did someone say they would donate but forgot? Ask them if they are still happy to donate next time you see them.

1. Do a few extra chores around the house!

Why not offer to do the vacuuming for a week or clean the car for a donation of €5 to your fundraising page?

2. Do you dare? 

How about reading a book upside down or wearing a dress up costume? How about reading out loud in a funny accent or against the clock? Ask your family to dare you, but only for a donation! 

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