MS Readathon’s story began in 1988 when the well-loved children’s author Roald Dahl launched the first ever campaign. Now the MS Readathon is over 30 years old with thousands of children taking part each year. MS Ireland would like to say a huge thank you to all the young readers for their efforts over the years to help people with Multiple Sclerosis by taking part and raising vital funds for our services.

MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity to encourage young children to read.

It encourages those who already seasoned bookworms and helps those who seldom read to rediscover the sense of wonder and adventure they once felt when they first heard “Once upon a time”.


How It Works


It couldn’t be simpler

  •          Simply register online and we’ll send you out a pack with everything you’ll need.
  •          Every child just picks the books they want to read. They can pick as many or as few as they want.
  •          Then they ask their friends and family to sponsor them.
  •          Then they start reading – and gobbling up as many books as they can.

You can read one book or 100!

Everybody can take part in MS Readathon. All bookworms, big and small, are welcome. And it doesn’t matter if you only read one book or if you set a new world record. Because every book you open is a new adventure started. And every book you finish will really help people living with MS in Ireland.