30th MS Readathon

The 30th MS Readathon encourages children to open a wonderful world of adventure and imagination through reading for a great cause! MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity to encourage your children to read. For kids who are already bookworms, it’s a chance to go deeper – perhaps to challenge themselves with longer, more advanced books. For children who aren’t so keen on reading, the MS Readathon can help them rediscover the sense of wonder and adventure they once felt when they first heard you say those magic words, “Once upon a time…” And it’s all for a fantastic cause

MS Readathon’s story began in 1988 when the well-loved children’s author Roald Dahl launched the first ever campaign. As well as fantastic reading rewards, 30th MS Readathon competitions promise some Roald Dahl treats as well as prizes of books from Ireland’s great children’s authors

As the MS Readathon enters its 30th year, MS Ireland is extending a huge thank you to young readers in their efforts to help people with Multiple Sclerosis in this sponsored schools reading initiative. Celebrating this important milestone, MS Ireland is also delighted to welcome Heinz, proudly supporting MS Readathon as our official sponsors!

First Campaign

To celebrate the 30th year of the MS Readathon during the summer we put a call out on our Facebook page for anyone who took part in the very first campaign! We had a terrific response  from one very eager reader 30 years ago! Paddy Morris, who was one of our prize winners got in touch!! Paddy kept his signed Roald Dahl boxset and cert in pristine condition! You can check out paddy’s story by watching the video here    and don’t  forget it’s not too late to sign up! Be like Paddy and sign up today!! Happy Reading!