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The MS Readathon lets imaginations soar! Sign your class up to the MS Readathon and inspire a love of reading that will last a life time.

The MS Readathon for Teachers

Reading takes kids on incredible journeys of discovery—it awakens their imagination and builds their confidence. Students love the MS Readathon and it is a great way to get your class excited about reading! The MS Readathon is an epic adventure that your school or classroom will love.

The MS READATHON is our biggest fundraising campaign each year and we simply cannot keep our services running without it. Teachers like you make the campaign what it is.

With Covid uncertainty still rumbling on, we know that your priorities are still about the safety of students and staff and that schools are still focused on implementing measures and procedures to achieve this. We realise that there may not necessarily be the extra bit of time needed to engage in challenges such as the MS Readathon and we hope that by getting your students to take part on our website will take a bit of the pressure off.

How does it work? 

The premise is still the same as it was in 1988. Students read as many books as possible for the month of November in return for sponsorship from family and friends. Except, instead of collecting cash using sponsorship cards, all the fundraising is done through the website and comes directly to us at MS Ireland. 

-When you register as the organiser, a school fundraising page is created.

-Within that, each participating teacher will create their own class fundraising page.

-Then, it is up to the parents to register their child and set up their own unique fundraising page where they’ll link in with the school and their class.

We’ve yet to find a teacher who doesn’t want to inspire more reading, but we know you’re busy. It’s why our MS Readathon website is designed to enrich your reading culture without taking away your precious time. We have lots of cool new features too, which your students will love. I hope you will check it out and register your class or school online with just a few clicks!

Resources and teaching tools 

MS Readathon is an amazing teaching resource, which will teach your class to love reading. Reading takes kids on incredible journeys of discovery, and we’ve created plenty of exciting and downloadable resources to really ignite your students’ passion. Whether your class is discovering their inner hero, embarking on a great quest or taking a journey beyond the stars, we have something they will love. Head to our resources page to download classroom posters, colouring in, printable bookmarks, lesson plans as well as a "How To" for signing your school and classes up.

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School visits!

Every year we do our best to make sure our MS Ambassadors can visit as many schools as possible! Unfortunately at the moment due to current circumstances we are unable to offer school visits in person.

However, we can arrange for one of our amazing MS Readathon Ambassadors to have a school visit with your classes via Zoom.

Contact us at or complete the form here.

MS Readathon & Languages Connect 

Taking part in a second language

Do you have a bi-lingual bookworm in your class or a student who’d like to challenge themselves a bit more by doing the MS Readathon in a language other than Irish or English?

We’ve teamed up for a second year with our pals at Languages Connect to help promote reading in other languages at home and who are sponsoring two extra iPads. To be in with a chance to win one of these, participants must raise €50 or more and read and log foreign language books (excludes English & Irish).

Each €50 raised gets you another entry into the draw. BUT PLEASE BE SURE TO LET US KNOW THAT YOU ARE READING IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE email

Languages Connect promotes the many advantages of learning foreign languages making new friends, connecting with family, learning about other cultures and places, finding interesting careers and lots more.

If you have students in your class that have a heritage language other than English or Irish, we would ask you to encourage their parents to take this opportunity to read together in that language enjoy sharing their language skills with another generation!

Maybe you just feel like trying something new there are so many languages to choose from. If you need help deciding, check out the Explore Languages section of our website.

For ideas of what to read, check out the Reading List in our Library section.

For all the latest Languages Connect updates check out or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Funds raised from the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services for people living with MS and their families. Our helpline is often the first point of contact for people newly diagnosed with MS. Here they can talk through their diagnosis with an MS nurse, who will then direct them on to one of our wonderful regional workers, who in turn will arrange physio sessions, meet-ups, newly diagnosed weekends, young persons’ meet-ups and much, much more. Without your participation in the Readathon we wouldn’t be able to provide this.


Concerned about your student’s privacy?

Don’t worry, so are we. Personal information is only available when you are logged in to your dashboard, and no one will be granted access to personal details. We won’t ask children to upload a photo, instead we have created 6 awesome MS Readathon avatars that will take kids on their reading journey. Parents also have the option of using a nickname instead of using their child's name. Any third party sites we recommend are monitored to make sure they remain child friendly, however, we can’t be held responsible for changes to content.

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