While food feeds our bodies, books feed our minds. They feed our brains and imagination,  helping us constantly grow and improve ourselves, books are a way we can rediscover our world whether that world be real or imaginary.


One group in particular who love to feed their minds and adore books more than most are…Bookworms! They love to fill themselves with books of all types, shapes and sizes! This year our MS readathon ambassador is none other than Bobby the bookworm!

Bobby lives off a diet of, you guessed it … Books!

He loves to chow down a variety of different books and can often be spotted wiggling in your local library dining on the latest new books to offer! Bobby’s love of books has helped his mind to grow, his personality to develop and his imagination run wild!

Be like Bobby! Are you ready to be a bookworm? Then pick up a book and begin your own bookworm feast!

Between October 12th and November 12th we want you to chow down as many books as you can and help us raise as much as we can for people with MS.

And we’re going to have so much fun doing it. Just pick the books you want to read. You get to choose. Pick as many as you like. But it doesn’t matter if you read 20 books or just read one book. Because every book you devour will help people with MS.

Taking part is easy. Just tell your parent, guardian or teacher you want to join the MS Readathon. Then ask your family and your friends to sponsor you, and get reading! We will send you out a sponsorship card but even easier you can create your own online fundraising page here.

But that’s not all. Because we have some really great reading rewards to give away –including 10 brand new iPads!

To sign up just click here

And if you want to have a whole lot of fun and really help people with MS.

Then what are you waiting for? Sign up. And start reading. Be like Bobby!….om nom nom!!