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Not all heroes wear capes, but we bet they all love to read! Inspire your kids to embark on a heroic journey to read as much as they can during November.

What Next?

With the reading month officially over, you might be wondering what next.

First off, you should be very proud of your achievement. You are part of an incredible tribe of people reading for an amazing cause.

If you have collected any cash donations, these can be added as an Offline Donation on your fundraising page. 

A participation certificate is available to download from the Resources Section. 

Each participating child will receive a certificate and MS Readathon pin in the post in the New Year. These will be sent to the home address given upon registration even if you took part with your school. 

The prize draw for iPads and Headphones closes at 11.59pm on Dec 11th. 2020

The MS Readathon website will be archived on 23rd December 2020, so if you want to take a snap of your fundraising page you must do so before then. 

About the MS Readathon

With about a gazillion books read since the MS Readathon began in 1988, we like to think we know a thing or two about getting kids reading. Kids love the MS Readathon and it is a great way to get your children reading more! Reading takes children on incredible journeys of discovery—it awakens their imagination and builds their confidence.


Do you remember the MS Readathon from your own school days? The concept hasn’t changed: read whatever you like, as much as you can, throughout the reading month. But after 33 years, we’re starting a fun new chapter, with amazing features. We have a brand new interactive website where kids can rate and review the books they read!

Conquer fundraising

We’re putting the fun into fundraising, making it easy for parents to track their child's tally and celebrate every win. Each child can earn Reward Badges for the goals they achieve. The best way to kick off fundraising is to make a donation to your child's page! This will inspire your family and friends to also donate to your child’s page. Once you have donated, don’t forget to share it on social media. You can check out our top fundraising tips here to get you started. Your fundraising quest will be easier than you think!

Fundraising Tips

Guide coming soon!

Resources and fun things!

Whether your child is discovering their inner hero, embarking on a great quest, or taking a journey beyond the stars in November - we have something they will love. Head to our resources page to download rainy day colouring in, printable bookmarks, posters, and so much more. Or, if you’re looking for a little advice on the fundraising side of things, don’t worry, we have some great ideas!

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Funds raised from the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services for people living with MS and their families. Our helpline is often the first point of contact for people newly diagnosed with MS. Here they can talk through their diagnosis with an MS nurse, who will then direct them on to one of our wonderful regional workers, who in turn will arrange physio sessions, meet-ups, newly diagnosed weekends, young persons’ meet-ups and much, much more. Without your participation in the Readathon we wouldn’t be able to provide this.


Concerned about your child’s privacy?

Don’t worry, so are we. Personal information is only available when you are logged in to your dashboard, and no one will be granted access to your child’s details. We won’t ask your child for a photo, instead we have created 6 awesome MS Readathon Avatars that will take your kids on their reading journey. Any third party sites we recommend are monitored to make sure they remain child friendly, however, we can’t be held responsible for changes to content.

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