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The first 500 children who sign up will receive a backpack in the post. We encourage children to wear their bags during the month of November to raise awareness of the MS Readathon.


We have some fantastic rewards up for grabs this year! 

MAJOR PRIZE: €1000 voucher for Center Parcs Ireland 

For each €150 you raise as an individual by 10th Dec you get an entry into a draw to win a €1000 voucher for Center Parcs Ireland.

The top 2 highest individual fundraisers will each receive: 

  • An iPad
  • An MS Readathon Pin
  • Personalised framed certificate & letter or congratulations

The competition for top spot is going to go down to the wire this year! You have until Friday 10th Dec to raise funds on your MS Readathon fundraising page and be in the running! 

18 iPads & 60 sets of wireless headphones to be won

Raise €50 for this year's MS Readathon and you could WIN one of 18 iPADS. Every €50 raised will get you another entry into the draw  

As well as this we also have 60 Wireless headphones up for grabs too

Raise €25 for this year's MS Readathon and you could WIN one of 60 sets of wireless headphones. Every €25 raised will get you another entry into the draw.

Good luck!! 

 Top three highest fundraising schools will each receive

  • A Bundle of books for their library
  • Cheque presentation and professional school/class photograph

We’ll have loads of other amazing prizes along the way too, including

  • MS Readathon swag
  • Bicycles
  • Book tokens
  • Family days out
  • We even have prizes for your teachers!!

Keep an eye out for details of our weekly competitions throughout the month of November

Personalised Avatars!

This year, as you hit fundraising milestones you will be able to customise your MS Readathon Avatar! 

There are three levels of achievement and at each level you will get to select a new personalisation:

  • Level 1 – Receive your first donation – choose your avatar’s head
  • Level 2 – Raise €40 choose your avatar’s body
  • Level 3 – Raise €80 choose your avatar’s accessory

I wonder what your MS Readathon Avatar will look like at the end of November?

Earn stars

Each week in November, we’ll send you an update via email on your progress toward your goals. As you hit your personal fundraising goals, you’ll move up a series of tiers and collect stars along the way.

  • Receive your first donation and you're a Rising Star
  • Achieve 34% of your fundraising goal and you're a Shining Star
  • Achieve 67% of your fundraising goal and you're an All Star
  • Achieve 100% of your fundraising goal and you're a Super Star! 

How many stars can you collect?


As you do the MS Readathon you will collect badges on your fundraising dashboard. This year we have even more badges to collect! As soon as you read your first book you will earn a badge!

We have 12 badges to earn and collect this year! 

How many badges do you think you will collect on your MS Readathon journey?

MS Readathon Superhero Club

All our MS Readathon readers are heroes in our eyes. But if you raise an incredible €500 or more, you could become an MS Readathon Superhero! 

As part of the MS Readathon Superhero Club, you'll receive all these cool things: 

  • A personalised certificate posted to you
  • A special Superhero Club pin
  • Your name on the Superhero Club Hall of Fame 

We hope to see you in the Club!

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