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Don't just take our word for it!


We know that you teachers love the MS Readathon, you tell us every year. And we LOVE you!


What could be better than encouraging your little ones to pick up a book and get stuck in to magical adventures?


The real super heroes of the MS Readathon story. The amount of books your read and the money you raise each year never fails to amaze. 

Rowan and her Mum Emma Valentine

"I'm looking forward to the Readathon because I love books and reading and my mom always gets me some new books for the Readathon!"

"Ro is a big reader anyway but we look forward to the Readathon every year. I tell Rowan we are harnessing her superpower (reading!) to raise money for a worthy cause." Emma

"My name is Zoe and I am 7 years old. This year will be my first time doing the MS Readathon and I am doing it to try and raise money for MS"

readathon legends Conna NS

"Our school took part in the MS Readathon in 2021 for the first time and we intend on doing it every single year from now on!!!
The children began reading in November and as a teachers as we saw it is a massive improvement in their reading appetite as they were very eager to read as many books as possible throughout the month.
The children even wanted to continue reading into December.
Our children love helping MS Ireland and it was a way for all children of all reading levels to engage together as a whole school. We look forward to beginning our reading in November once again."
Claire Nagle, Deputy Principal, Conna NS

"Hi, my name is Abi. I'm 9 years old and this is my third year taking part in the MS Readathon. I started when I was 7 in lockdown. Me and my Mom decided to do the MS Readathon because I like reading books. I enjoy reading diary of a wimpy kid and because it helps people with MS"

Dearbhla Crosse - MS Readathon ambassador and Teacher

Hayley Fitzsimons - Primary School Teacher

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