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Code name bananas

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I really liked this a lot even though it was based on WW2 it had so many laugh out loud in it. With bombs falling all over London, Eric must rescue Gertrude with his Uncle Sid, a keeper at the zoo, the three go on the run. It's a really good book. Show more Show less
Code Name Bananas is a must read for every reader, young and old. In this book, the amazing comedian and author, David Walliams tells a stunning tale of a boy's life in the second world war. This ape-loving boy, is orphaned by a nazi lufftwaffe bomb and is sent to live with his grandmother. Disaster strikes again, when his dear, deaf grandmother doesn't hear the bomb siren and is put to death by the same fate as Eric's parents. With know where to go, what does Eric do? And more importantly, how will he save his beloved friend, Gertrude? Only by reading it can you find out. Oh, and did I mention that Gertrude was a gorilla? Show more Show less
This is the latest edition to David Walliam's extensive collection of books.
This is the tale of a little boy's epic adventure through a war torn London. Eric's mother and father are dead and he now lives with his grandmother. The only thing that brings Eric happiness is the gorilla, Gurtrude, that lives in London zoo.
But one night the gorilla escapes and it is decided that she should be put down. Will Eric and his great uncle Sid be able to rescue Gertrude or will she leave them forever.
This is another great from David Walliams and is a great bit of reading.
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Code name bananas is about a little boy called Eric his great uncle Sid and a gorilla called Gertrude. This book is set in London in 1940 when the Second World War takes place. Sid and Eric have to go rescue Gertrude the gorilla from London zoo. They also save George Washington the prime minister. At the end of the book they have tea at Buckingham palace. They have lots of adventures along the way. Show more Show less

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