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Dog Man

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I like the bit where dog man bites Milly’s trousers and points at the calendar. It was Chief’s birthday!
Dog man is a funny character. When I read it there was lots of laughs. Chief is best friends with dog man.
It was my favourite book it was so interesting and creative. I love it
Officer knight and greg the dog turned into dog man
this book was so good because it expresis your feelings
It was a very good book
I think this was a very funny book. And I would recommend it to children ages 6 to 11 because it is very easy to read and humorous at the same time. ?
one of the best books I've ever read
Pretty good if you ask me, SWEEE!
I enjoyed this book because it was funny
Good read, funny throughout. The story tells the tail about a man who's head explodes in a bomb and has to get his dogs head stitched onto his body.
He then fights the evil cat named Petey and throws him into jail defeating him multiple times.
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