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Dog man for whom the ball rolls

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I love the book because there is a bad cat who has a good hearted son and the child has lots of friends
A villian's hungry Burgle balls are on the loose!!Can they defeat Dog man
Dogman is a book about half man half dog who is a policeman and friends with 80hd and catkid. They get up to lots of adventures and dogman must face his fears. It is a very good book in my opinion.
This book is easy to read, there is two boys called George and Harold. The illustrations are great. Lovely easy book to read when starting out
It's an amazing book one of the best in the series it's super funny and recommended for easy read me and all my friends love dog man the drawings are very good and if this is a good book for you or your kids then try another one there are 9 in the series Show more Show less

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