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By Sachar, Louis

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It was quite good and it had a good amount of pages but it was a bit boring in some bits
The book shows about a guy named Stanley Yelnats.
This book is about a boy who is sent to a juvenile camp after being accused of a crime he didn't commit. When he went to the camp he made some new friends. They had to dig one hole a day five feet deep and five feet wide. When one of his friends runs away he has to dig up the truth.
I like this book because it was interesting and a bit cruel. It is suitable for over tens. Zero was my favourite character because he was kind and honest and he was always there to help his friends.
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I opened the book and could not close it. It is absolutely incredible!
Great book, I thought it was very well told.His storytelling really showed how hard it was for the main characters in the book.
This is an interesting and adventurous novel and I liked it because it shows how if you help someone then they can help you and you can work together
Really good, inspiring and I’d definitely read it again.
This book was amazing. I really liked the adventure. It reels you in on the first chapter. I also like the way the ties are connected between the past and the present. I would recommend it to people who like adventure and suspense. : ) Show more Show less

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