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By Dahl, Roald

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Another great book by Dahl about a genius girl and her magic powers
This was a great book beacause Matilda does alot of funny things to her parents
Story about a very clever girl who's family do not appreciate her, but she soon learns she is extraordinary and helps her teacher Ms.Honey get her home back and helps her school get rid of their nasty principle Ms. Trunchbull Show more Show less
I thought this was really good because I really liked the chapter on Ms Honeys story. It was really interesting. Other people should read it. Enjoy
I love the way Matilda is so smart even though she’s young. It’s a happy story in the end
I loved this book. There was a lot more information in the book then the movie. The book is very funny.
This book is based on a girl called Matilda who loves reading but her parents just watch TV all day. When she went to school the headmistress was so mean that she would through children out the window but what the headmistress didn't know was that Matilda had some tricks up her sleave. Show more Show less
Matilda is smart, and misunderstood by her parents

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