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I found it very funny? but at the end it was sad when slime left. But overall I enjoyed it very much.
Really good book about Slime a monster
This book is so funny I love it so much it’s so interesting.
All of David Walliams books are very silly & Funny. I read these books very quick because I just cant stop reading?
It was about a boy called Ned. I love the David Walliams books, lots of made up words, lots of rude words and strong characters. I think it's suitable for 5+, or 7+ if you're reading it yourself.
Slime is a great, funny book about a kid called Ned, who's legs didn't work since he was young and his friend called Slime but Slime is not the type of creature you would want to see. Slime helps Ned get revenge on adults that hate children that have made his life miserable. Show more Show less

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