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The Witches

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This book is about a boy who is from Norway and his grandmother looks after him. And she tells h8m all about witches this book is really good
There was a boy who's parents passed away in a car crash so he lives with his grandmother in Norway. The went a hotel where the witches had a annual meeting in the ball room they have a mouse maker so they find the boy and he turns into a mouse and then the witches have dinner and the boy puts mouse maker in there soup and they turn into mice i really enjoyed this book it's very well written Show more Show less
Roald Dayl is the master of children's books, his descriptions are so vivid. Imaginations will run wild-witches can look like normal people but the signs are there...
A young boy and his granny set out on an exciting adventure to destroy the grand high witch herself. And rid the world of all witches-no easy task!! Show more Show less
Creepy book....with scares coming out of every corner.......
Do try reading it! (if you dare!!)
This book is a great book and I would recommend to age 9 to 10 year olds. It's scary in some parts and calm, it's a thrilling, exciting, fun, and scary fantasy novel! There is a new movie version coming out soon which I am looking forward to. Show more Show less

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