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Mr.Hoppy loves the lady in the balcony below but she adores her tortoise. He must hatch a plan to become the object of her love.
This book was great because it was very creative and funny. The main characters were Mrs Silver , Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver’s tortoise Alfie.
it was short but ok 3/5
Hilarious ??
Fun.short story from Roald Dahl about a man, tortoises ? and a funny plan.
The story about a man called Mr Hoppy and his neighbour, a lady called Mrs Silver and Mrs Silver's special tortoise called Alfie. I liked the descriptions that are used in the book because he made the characters come to life and it felt like I knew them. I really liked Alfie the toroise.

I would recommend this book for children between the ages of 6 plus but would suit anybody who likes stories about animals and friendship.
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i like it because it has to do with tortoises .i love tortoises

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