Do you have a class full of budding bookworms?  Or looking for ways to encourage your pupils to discover the joy of reading? Well the MS Readathon may be the answer!

Its so simple to sign up by clicking here.

Every year, the month-long MS Readathon shines a national spotlight on the wonderful power of reading to illuminate our children’s imagination, development and learning.

And crucially, it also engages children in a truly noble endeavour: raising vital funds for people facing the daily challenge of life with MS.

During last year’s MS Readathon, Ireland’s voracious young bookworms raised a whopping €325,779 to help provide practical support to people with MS.

They changed the lives of so many people in your area affected by MS.

The MS Readathon would not be the success it is without the Teachers and Principals who champion it in schools up and down the country – finding the time and enthusiasm to take part, despite all the pressures of the school term.

Come join in the fun and celebrate the MS Readthon’s 31st year from October 12th to November 12th. Remember, each child can read at their own pace, and the bulk of the reading happens in the child’s home, so it causes minimum disruption to class time!

We’re determined, with your help, to make a huge push this year to make the MS Readathon a wonderful success by creating thousands of new bookworms throughout Ireland. To encourage non-readers to dive into books and seasoned bookworms to do more of what they love… gobble up countless books! And crucially, to make a practical and life-changing difference for people living with MS.

It’s so simple to sign up by clicking here.

Or if you prefer, just give us a call right now at (01) 678 1624. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Remember, you can also choose for up to 10% of the funds raised to go back to your school, which might make your students’ lives a little better (and your job a little easier!) in the year ahead.

We hope your school will be joining us for this year’s 31st MS Readathon!